Update on Scoliosis: Principles of Brace Treatment

Wanneer: 29 mei 2021

Content meeting: 

Idiopathic scoliosis is a complex three-dimensional deformation of the spine and trunk of a previously normal person, usually a girl, that normally develops during the adolescent growth spurt. It carries a life-long burden of disease and may, in its more severe forms, lead to a lowered self-esteem, back pain, and pulmonary compromise. Depending on its severity, different treatment strategies may be chosen. Despite the fact that surgery has a better outcome than ever in terms of safety, cosmetic and functional results, still, the ambition should be to avoid surgery if at all possible.

Brace treatment has been proven to be effective beyond natural history to prevent or slow deterioration of a scoliosis. This webinar will address the more popular bracing philosophy’s both in brace type (Boston-type, Providence, M-Brace and Rigo-Cheneau) as well as in required brace wear (full time and night time concepts). Our faculty includes well known clinicians and scientists who will present on their concept of choice, and there will be time for discussion.

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